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School Assembly Resources and Ideas

School Assemblies PowerPoint Videos

Are you looking for stunning, attractive and easy to set up school assemblies that will make an impact? Do you want to inject some new ideas into your school assembly that will entertain and enthuse your audience?

Put the CD into your computer, click the video and play.

Choosing a school assembly theme and making your assemblies engaging and topical can often be a challenge.

School Assembly Videos  provide ready-made, off-the-shelf presentations for the busy teacher that can be used throughout the school year. These high-quality resources are designed to save you hours of time searching for  materials and ideas. These resources are ready to use created to help you deliver engaging and topical Primary and Secondary assemblies throughout the year. Our school assemblies cover world events, school events, school topics and religious festivals.  Each assembly is accompanied by a self-running PowerPoint Video with images, music and commentary, Teacher's Resource Pack that provides an easy to follow, fully-scripted assembly plans and detailed notes for the each assembly. Just ‘click and play’.  Each assembly lasts about 10-15 minutes.

No more ‘assembly stress’ with School Assembly Videos.

School Assemblies Assembly Ideas

Chinese New Year


Martin Luther King Day

Remembrance Day

Primary School Asemblies

PowerPoint Videos

Special Days 1

Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday, Saint George’s Day,

Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Special Days 2

New Year’s Resolutions, Easter, Mothering Sunday, Diwali and Remembrance Day.

All assemblies include a Teacher Resource Pack

With assembly plans and detailed assembly notes.


10 complete Primary school assembly

video packs for only £25

Secondary School Assemblies

PowerPoint Videos

Special Days 1

Ramadan, Martin Luther King, International Women’s Day,

World Environment Day and D Day.

Special Days 2

Black History Month, World AIDS Day, Remembrance Day,

Holocaust Memorial Day and Human Rights Day.

All assemblies include a Teacher Resource Pack

With assembly plans and detailed assembly notes.


10 complete Secondary school assembly

video packs for only £25

Primary and Secondary School Assemblies Special Offers

School Assembly Resources

A  self-running video for each assembly providing easy to deliver  a ‘click and play’ resource with images, music and commentary

Teacher’s Resource Pack with fully scripted assembly plans and detailed notes

Time saving assemblies,  ‘Pick up and ready to go’, no props or lots of preparation

Content covering, world events and religious festivals

Versatile resources supporting many different themes

High quality and up-to-date content

All the resources needed for 15 minute school assemblies

Indispensable to anyone looking for fresh inspiration and ideas for collective worship

‘Pick up, click and play’

School Video Assemblies provides busy teachers with assemblies that need no props and very little preparation.

Each  School Assembly Video includes:-

Primary School Assemblies   Secondary School Assemblies

School Assemblies

What is an Assembly Video?

Each assembly was created firstly as a PowerPoint file and then converted to a HD Video file which is more convenience and of higher quality. All you do is ‘Click’ and the video will ‘Play’. The PowerPoint Videos are the centrepiece of each assembly. Each assembly Video lasts between 5 and 8 minutes, has accompanying music, recorded commentary or voice over, animated images and text. Each Video has its own individual design and layout, giving a professional feel.

The Assembly Videos are in HD

“Super resources that kept our children from years 1-6 entertained. The Teacher Assembly Resource Pack was very helpful.”

Mr John Savage, Head Teacher, Kinoulton Primary School

Sample movies from Primary and

Secondary Assembly Videos.

Movies are produced in HD VIDEO.

“These are the best resources I have bought in a long time. Resources of substance that are very well presented.”

David Bartlett, Head of History, Ponteland High School, Newcastle Upon Tyne

What teachers are saying about our resources

Our complete school assembly PowerPoint video packs

now as little as £25.

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